Sunday, February 5, 2012

What is the most accurate french translator?

I am going to spend a few days with an 18 year old girl from france so that she can work on her english and i can work on my french. but just incase i get really lost what is the best way to translate like a sentence from english to french? i usually use google translator but i know that sometimes it is wrong and i was wondering if anyone knew a better online translator or maybe a book? but not just a dictionary. thanx by the way im 14 and idk if i should speak formally to her or in formally.What is the most accurate french translator?
You can use the babylon to do what you want. It's the best dictionary and translation tool: is the most accurate french translator?
It doesn’t matter what site you go to, if you put long sentences or idioms, it’s never gonna work.

Online translators are not meant for it.

Imagine what will happen if you ask for “I have a sweet tooth”?

So answer is yourself and a dictionary is the best translator for you.What is the most accurate french translator?
My French teacher told us to use Word Reference, but only when needed. I like using google translate though.

Google translate uses formal translations. I think at first you should use formal to be polite, but once you get to know her informal should be fine. + common sense. Babelfish and google translator fail a looooooooooot x;. You should just speak informally to your sister o_o

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