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Song translations French to English?

there are alot of french songs that i would like to translate to english.. alot of them are by joe there like a site where i can do this? i know about the free translators but they dont really do the job..

some of the songs i want to translate..

L'ete Indien

Et si tu n'existais pas

A Toi

these are all by him

any help would be great TY!Song translations French to English?
Translation of "L'茅t茅 indien"



You know, I've never been so happy as that morning

We were walking along a beach a bit like this one

It was autumn, an autumn when it was so nice

A season which exists only in the North of America

There it's called the indian summer

But it was simply ours

With your long dress you looked like

An aquarelle by Marie Laurencin

And I remember, I remember very well

What I said to you that morning

It was a year ago, a century ago, an eternity ago

Refrain: Let's go wherever you want, whenever you want

------- And we will still be in love, when love has disappeared

All our life will be like this morning

In the colours of the indian summer

Today I'm very far from that autumn morning

But it's as if I were there. I am thinking about you.

Where are you? What are you doing? Do I still exist for you?

I'm looking at this wave which will never reach the sanddune

You see, like this wave I come back

Like this wave I lie on the beach

And I remember, I remember the high tide,

The sun and the happiness which were passing over the sea

It was an eternity ago, a century ago, a year ago

Translation of "Et si tu n'existais pas"

And if you didn't exist,

tell me why I would exist.

Dragging myself through a world without you,

without hope and without regret.

And if you didn't exist,

i would attempt to invent love,

like a painter who sees under his fingers

the colors of the day come to life

and who can't quite believe it.

And if you didn't exist,

tell me for whom would I exist.

The passers-by asleep in my arms,

that I will never love.

And if you didn't exist,

I wouldn't be more than a speck

in the world that comes and goes,

I would feel lost,

I would need you.

And if you didn't exist,

tell me how I would exist.

I could pretend to be me,

but I would not be true to myself.

And if you didn't exist

I think that I would have found

the secret of life, the why

simply to create you

and to look at you.

Translation of "A toi"



For you

For the way you are beautiful

For the way you are mine

For your tender words, a little artificial


For you

For the little girl you were

For the one you often still continue to be

For your past, for your regrets

For your former princes charming

REFRAIN:For the life, for the love

------- For our nights, for our days

For the eternal return of chance

For the child who will come

Who will resemble us

Who will be at the same time you and me

For me

For the madness the reason of which is you

For my angers without knowing why

For my silences and my treasons


For me

For the time that I spent looking for you

For my talents that aren' important to you

For my faults which I hid from you

For my thoughts of a wandering singer


For us

For the memories, which we will have

For the future and especially for the present

For the health of this old earth

Which doesn't care

For us

For our hopes and our illusions

For our next first date

For the health of these thousands who are in love

Who are like usSong translations French to English?
i would use babbelfish but yah.. a lot of words and general grammar are translated wrong

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