Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Help translating Dutch and French into English?

I'm reading the book Next by Michael Crichton and an orangutan is speaking Dutch... that is very random..

Here's what the ape says. Copied exactly from the book.

"Dwaas. Ooh stomm dwaas, varlaat leanme. Geen lichten dwaas."

That's Dutch. Here's the French.

"M'sieu! Comment ca va?" Dude.

"Espece de con." Ape.

Points to the first one to answer correctly. I've tried putting it in a translator, but some of the words don't show up and are all jumbled..Help translating Dutch and French into English?
"Fool, oh you stupid fool. leave leanme. No lights fool.

"sir! how are you?" Dude.

"Action of a stupid one. " Ape.Help translating Dutch and French into English?
I don't speak german, this is the french part :

"Sir, what's up " dude

" you're dumb" apeHelp translating Dutch and French into English?
Can't help you with the Dutch, but the French is:

Sir/mister! How are you?

i dont know the dutch one but i can translate the french

first sentence is Mr, how is it going or Mr. how are you?

you didn't find it in dictionary, because M'sieu is Monsieur and 'ca' is written '莽a' in french, so i think if you put the sentense 'Monsieur comment 莽a va' in dictionary, then you will get the meaning.

second sentence, it is 'Esp猫ce de Con' in french and it mean don't you hear?

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