Saturday, February 18, 2012

French to English translation? Accurate plz?

salut sava tu vas bien , mon nom houari et j'ai 27 ans, avec tout mes risp茅 peux t'avoire ton ,,msn ,, si c'est possible....puix je parler quelque mnt , avec toi .......merci

^^^^^ some guy i dont know on fb messaged that ^^^ in french and i dont know what it means. although i'm taking a course in french, my knowledge doesnt really help.

sava hello you're well, my name and I'm 27 years houari, with all my risp ...... I can get you tone, msn, if possible .... I talk about puix mnt, with you ....... thank you

^^^ thats what goodle translator says what it means... i dont think its accurate though.

** can you tell me what you think of this message? for an unknown grown man of 27 years messaged a girl well below his age in french, ( i think asking for private information)...

mistake of identity? suspicious stalker?French to English translation? Accurate plz?
Hi what's up? Are you doing well/ How are you? My name (is) Hourai and I'm 27 years old. WIth all due respect... may I have your msn if possible... may I talk to you for a few minutes. Thanks.

There are several grammatical mistakes and many spelling mistakes (that is normal for FB messages between teenagers, since they spell based on sound and not true spelling), and based on some of the errors it sounds like have either an African accent or maybe an accent from a different country.

It seems weird for him to ask for more information before you even reply to this message. I would either not worry about replying or only reply through facebook messages. I would also be very careful. I have had random people try to add me too and people also try to spam you by adding you on MSN.French to English translation? Accurate plz?
Hey, how are you ? Are you doing well? My name is Houari and I'm 27 years old. With all my respect...Can I have your msn, if that's possible..can I talk with someone now, with you...thank you

What I think about this? ''pedophile''French to English translation? Accurate plz?
his french is bad but he is pretty mucha asking you to be his friend and talk to him

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