Saturday, February 18, 2012

Help with English-French translation!?

I know online translators are a little shaky in terms of grammatically correct translations...I'm wondering if there is someone fluent in French that can help me translate this to French (as similar to the original phrase in English as possible)

Not-So-Little Red Riding Hood

I know "Little Red Riding Hood" is "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" but I don't know how to translate the "Not-So-Little" part correctly.

This is for school so if anyone could help, it would be great. Thanks in advance!!!Help with English-French translation!?
l hope and think le pas si petit Chaperon Rouge could be understood.

lf not you can't keep the play on words.

And then l would suggest : Le pas si ing茅nu Petit Chaperon Rouge.

ln my opinion the juxtaposition of the two words ing茅nu and petit may convey the sense of the English "not-so-little" part.Help with English-French translation!?
le peu si petit chaperon rouge
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