Saturday, February 18, 2012

English to french translation?

how would i say," i will make you mine" in french? WITHOUT A TRANSLATOR PLEASE?English to french translation?
literaly it's "je te ferai mien/mienne"

but you're more likely to hear "tu seras 脿 moi"
This is what I got. I am taking French and I think this would be it.

Je vais te faire mienne

I am only in my first year of French, but I am pretty good at it.English to french translation?
Je te ferai mienne / mien

Je vous ferai mien / miens / mienne / miennes (plural or formal)
Je te ferais mien (ne)

Tu seras la mienne (You'll be mine)

Je vous ferais mien (ne)English to french translation?
Je te ferai mienne ... i think
je vous rendrai les miens

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