Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Short english to french translation?

please if you can, translate this is close as possible without using an online translator. online translators are word for word and the grammar is incorrect. so if you speak french can you please translate this for me?

"I read triple the secrets on sunday because I go to the french and deutch versions and view the translations."

Thank You!Short english to french translation?
I'm French but I don't get the meaning of your sentence!

(the "read triple the secrets" part)

Maybe this:

Je lis trois fois les secrets chaque dimanche parce que je vais au club de lecture Fran?ais et NĂ©erlandais, et je vois les traductions.

Deutsch is the German word for "German"

Dutch (in English) means "néerlandais" (in French)

German means "Allemand" in French.
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