Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Translate this from english to french please :D?

I forgot I had an assignment due in 8 hours, and i've been studying for finals and still have to study some more so I don't wanna waste time in this (feel lazy too...). It's a movie review for my college level french class 201. All I need is a coherent translation from english to french, do NOT use translators as they make no sense and yes, I know enough to catch those mistakes. Thank you, I'll check this question first thing tomorrow (easy 10 points!)

I never understand why public school systems are afraid of taking away students' room of action (or rights, if you must) when the students are clearly abusing them. Just like the asian boy said, there is no discipline in some of those students and thus there is an incredible lack of respect for their teachers. Teachers are the earliest figures of authority that kids are exposed to other than their parents, and if they are not taught to respect them then how can we expect them to respect laws and police officers when they grow up? The mean girl in the movie in particular just made me mad. She got away with a lot of disrespectful actions. Sure, she had a reputation of being trouble, but no real action was made about it from the teachers. Not all the kids seemed so problematic, but the fact remains that they are kids and fixing the situation through reasoning (like the teacher was attempting to) is clearly a waste of time. Teachers are very valuable to our society, in particular those in the earlier grades since they have a direct impact on how each student will turn out in the future. If I were a teacher, the lowest level I'd go for is freshman in college (like you) because I do not think I could tolerate the kind of mental abuse those teenagers give their teachers each time they undermine not only their authority, but years of work as well.Translate this from english to french please :D?
You can use the babylon for this purpose. It's the best dictionary and translation tool in my opinion:

http://babylon-translator.gnds.info/Translate this from english to french please :D?
Je ne comprendrai jamais pourquoi les syst猫mes scolaires publics ont peur d'enlever chambre des 茅tudiants de l'action (ou des droits, si vous devez) o霉 les 茅l猫ves sont clairement en abuser. Tout comme le gar莽on asiatique dit, il n'ya pas de discipline dans certains de ces 茅tudiants, et donc il ya un manque incroyable de respect de leurs enseignants. Les enseignants sont les premiers chiffres de l'autorit茅 que les enfants sont expos茅s 脿 d'autres que leurs parents, et si elles ne sont pas appris 脿 les respecter alors comment pouvons-nous attendre d'eux qu'ils respectent les lois et les agents de police quand ils grandissent? La jeune fille entend dans le film, en particulier juste me rendait fou. Elle s'en est sortie avec beaucoup d'actions irrespectueux. Bien s没r, elle avait une r茅putation de difficult茅 脿 se faire, mais aucune action r茅elle a 茅t茅 faite 脿 ce sujet par les enseignants. Pas tous les enfants semblaient si probl茅matique, mais le fait demeure que ce sont des enfants et la fixation de la situation par le raisonnement (comme l'enseignant a tent茅 de) est clairement une perte de temps. Les enseignants sont tr猫s pr茅cieux pour notre soci茅t茅, en particulier ceux des petites classes, car ils ont un impact direct sur la fa莽on dont chaque 茅l猫ve se r茅v茅lera dans l'avenir. Si j'茅tais enseignant, le niveau le plus bas j'irais pour se freshman 脿 l'universit茅 (comme vous) parce que je ne pense pas que je ne pouvais tol茅rer ce genre d'abus mental ces adolescents donnent 脿 leurs enseignants chaque fois qu'ils compromettent non seulement leur autorit茅, mais ann茅es de travail ainsi.

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