Tuesday, February 21, 2012

French to English translation?

I was told "Oubliette" in French means "A forgotten place" in English. Is that the literal translation? I know that "Oublie" means "Forgotten."

Help from someone who has experience speaking French is greatly appreciated. I've tried the online translators, but nothing comes up, so I'd like a human translation.

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Aidan MarieFrench to English translation?
That translation's correct. It comes from the verb oublier, "to forget," and it's the bit of the dungeon you'd stick a prisoner that you wanted to never see or hear from again. In a dungeon there would be a grate in a floor way in the back, you'd shove the prisoner down there into a little pit and leave them to be forgotten.

So while the entymology is "forgotten place," the literal definition is a little more grisly.French to English translation?
As the previous answer says, though "oubliette" is a word in itself meaning a specific area in dungeons where (as mentioned) people would be thrown in to be forgotten about; the reason for it to be called as such (again, as mentioned) comes from the word "oublier" meaning to forget.

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