Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What should I be when I grow up?

I am very smart (straight A's, 4.0, honors, extra-curricular, nerd-geek, perfectionist, overachiever, you know the type etc) and have interests in psychology, law, history, and language (English, French, Latin roots, etc) I know that would give me Psychologist, Lawyer, Historian, History teacher, Linguist, English teacher, and Translator, but can you think of anything else? I'm in middle school and I have a lot of time to think.What should I be when I grow up?
Wow when I first read this I was surprised I thought u should definitly be a lawyer u r interested in law so it be a good choice. Until you said other than lawyers and others. Mmm I think u should also try doctar. They make good money if u r a good doctar. They need to be good at writing to explain their patients problem since u like language. You should try that maybe.What should I be when I grow up?
Wow only mid school? Impressive. Think about this, you are still very young and have a ways to go before you need to worry about a life career. Wait until you are in high school for at least through your freshman year. Then if you still are not sure what you may want to do, check with a school counselor, check all the different areas you may still be interested in on line and get more detailed info then. Not so much now because by the time you are ready to get out of high school things will have changed.

Wait and see how well you do in high school at various subjects.

You can also go to jobsUSA.gov I THINK, I'm not certain but you can find it and see all the jobs/careers available.

But having suggested all of that think about this also, will you want to stay near home, want to travel, get married, own your own business,etc, etc. There are so many factors to a career it pays to do your homework but not in mid school. You're young have some fun because before you know it you have to work for a living.

I had a good career with the US government and worked in Europe and Asia. I was paid well and got to see the world at the same time.

Good luck and enjoy!
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