Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What should I study as major English or Spanish?

Should I take my major English or Spanish?

I'm studying french literature at university and i speak english well . I want to take another major so it is better to be Spanish or English.

I have taken many courses in translation from French into English. I want to be a translator in one of these international organizations.

so, I am confused , should i continue in English or should I take a new languageWhat should I study as major English or Spanish?
I'm kind of confused are you in an English-speaking country? Because in America majoring in English isn't a foreign language (obviously)..

Anyway besides double majoring maybe you could pick up a minor?What should I study as major English or Spanish?
Please accept a helpful hint.

If your question is an example of your best written English, you need to make significant improvements before you can be seriously considered for a position as a translator for international organizations.

BTW, many of these organizations give strong preference to people who will be translating into their "native" language.

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