Tuesday, February 21, 2012

English to French Translation -no online translators- *10 points*?

Could you translate these sentences into French? These are informal sentences take "you" as "tu". If there are gender differences, please write them in brackets.

"you're so skinny, you should really supersize the deal."

"they look at you and see perfection, perfect smile and all your gorgeous straight hair."

"we're stars. Hell yeah, screw them. We sing perfectly. We're famous."

"They say we're real villains, I really don't care. That's our prerogative."

Merci bien (:English to French Translation -no online translators- *10 points*?
"Vous 锚tes tellement maigre, vous devriez vraiment sont l'accord." "qu'ils vous regardent et voir la perfection, sourire parfait et toutes vos droites magnifique cheveux." "nous sommes 茅toiles. L'enfer ouais, vis. Nous chantons parfaitement. Nous sommes c茅l猫bres." "Ils disent que nous sommes vraiment m茅chants, j'ai vraiment pas soin. C'est notre pr茅rogative."English to French Translation -no online translators- *10 points*?
If I was saying these sentences in Quebec, here is what they would be like (below). I did not take the time to put any accents on the letters but hopefully you'll get the drift. The word "on" (pronounced "ohn" with the n almost silent) is often substituted for "nous" as the informal version of "we".

Tu es tellement maigre, tu devrez prendre le plus grand format

Ils te regarde et ils voient la perfection, un sourir impeccable, et tes cheveux fantastique tout droit.

On est des celebres. Mais oui, qu'ils en crissent! On chante parfaitement. On est fameux!

Ils disent qu'on es des bandits, mais je l'ignore. Ca c'est notre option.

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