Saturday, February 18, 2012

English-French translation?


How do you say: "Free flight" in French?

I've been looking around online translators but can't seem to find consistent translations so I'm hoping someone familiar with the language could translate this for me instead.

Cheers.English-French translation?
I think I undesrtand what you mean: for example a plane whose engine has broken down and goes on flying only with its wings, then in French it's "vol plan茅" ; it comes from the verb "planer" which means "to glide" for a bird or a plane, and "vol" means "flight".English-French translation?
If it is a gliding flight, "vol plan茅" is ok.

But if you have an idea of "free falling" (without trying to keep altitude by gliding), I think "vol libre" or "chute libre" is better.

For example, if you do that with a glider, it's "vol plan茅", or sometimes "vol libre".

If you do that with nothing (except a parachute for the end of the flight ;-), it's "vol libre" :鈥?/a>

And if you just drop something from a plane, it's "chute libre"English-French translation?
As in a free aeroplane flight?

I would have thought "un vol gratuit" rather than "un vol libre", seeing as "gratuit" means free as in cost-less and "libre" means free as in "without boundaries".

Hope I have helped.

James =-D

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