Sunday, February 5, 2012

What else can I say about Joan Of Arc?

I have to write a 250 word paragraph about the movie we watched about Joan Of Arc.

The question is...

How does the film portray Joan Of Arc? As a crazy person, or someone who was used for political gain?

This is what I said...

I think the film showed Jeanne d'Arc as someone who was used so that we can take advantage in the field of politics. Joan of Arc helped the Dauphin Charles to become King of France. She completed the task that God had asked of her, to unite France. She gave everyone hope and even lead the French army as the first woman to wear the armor of a man! After everything she did, how did they repay her? They left the English kill her, and did not pay the ransom. King Charles used her, then did not even thank her for all the things she did for France and for him!

Joan of arc is an excellent example of a strong woman who has managed something that many men had failed. It is regarded as one of the greatest military leader in history and the youngest of either sex to control the nations armies at the age of seventeen.

I know that not all of it has to do with the movie, but the teacher showed us an example of someones work on the same project that hadreceivedd 40/40. The persons project almost had nothing to do with the movie.

Also, I know it sounds really bad and there are spelling / grammar mistakes but originally this was all written in French because I am in french immersion, so I just used a french - english translator.

So what else about Joan Of Arc should I inlcude?

THANKS SO MUCH!What else can I say about Joan Of Arc?
You need to state which movie one Jeanne D'Arc you're talking about.

additional note:

Here's some info from a catholic standpoint. It gives info on what she is considered a patron of (groups she's associated with), how she is represented, and also has a gallery of pictures. There is also a great list links to other sites under additional information鈥?/a>

Here is a link with a picture of her coat of arms (it's a sword with a crown)鈥?/a>

Jeanne d'Arc Archive (documents assoicated with Joan) else can I say about Joan Of Arc?
sorry i haven't watched ht movie but he's a wiki site

i so hope third helpedWhat else can I say about Joan Of Arc?
Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc)

This is a collection of information designed to present Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) as she was described in the historical documents. Site includes an overview of her life and trial, excerpts from the trial documents, letters, and other such manuscripts (either in translation and/or in the original Latin and French). See the categories below.鈥?/a>

Search Findings:鈥?/a>
Which movie about Joan of Arc? Some have been good and some have been very bad depictions of her life. There are a few reviews on this page that might help you:鈥?/a>

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