Saturday, February 18, 2012

French to english translation help?

for a french assignment I have to ask my french teacher a question using the word "depuis". Below is what I came up with. Can someone, without the use of an online translator, tell me if this would be the correct way to say "how long have you been teaching french?":

depuis combien de temps vous ont le fran莽ais d'enseignement 茅t茅?

Thanks :)French to english translation help?
"Depuis combien de temps" is correct; however the rest of your sentence isn't. It should be

"Depuis combien de temps enseignez-vous le fran莽ais?"French to english translation help?
Carolita is correct - depuis combien de temps is followed by the present tense, even though the meaning in English is 'for how long have you been doing something'.

If you wanted to ask 'since when? - if you wanted the date she came to teach French in your school, e.g. 2008, you would use Depuis quand enseignez-vous ... [again, use the present tense of the verb]French to english translation help?
No it ain't correct you should have said:"depuis combien de temps enseigner vous le fran莽ais ? "

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