Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can someone translate this from french to english pretty please?

ta phrase "Tu cousine pr茅f茅r茅e est tr猫s bonne...;) " veut dire que tu es d茅licieuse :)....mais je pense que t'aimerais dire que tu vas tr猫s bien....

Moi je vais bien aussi....j'ai plein de boulot mais 莽a va?....est-ce que c'est vrai....ta soeur es marri茅?...J'esp猫re qu'elle serait heureuse.

salut 脿 tout le monde en Australie...

That was from my cousin after i attempted to talk in french to him and he replies with this letter and i'm only learning it in school so i kind of understand it and google translator doesn't work that well so can someone tell me what he's saying? thank youCan someone translate this from french to english pretty please?
your sentence "Tu cousine pr茅f茅r茅e est tr猫s bonne / You favorite cousine is hot" means you are gorgeous ?!?.... but I think you want to say, you are good. (# the correct sentence is "Ta cousine pr茅f茅r茅e va bien". I'm good %26gt;%26gt; Je vais bien (the verb "aller" in Fr, the verb "to be" in EN.)

I'm good too...... I have a lot of work, but it's ok..... is it right that your sister is married ? .... I hope she's happy.

Say hello to every one in Australia.

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