Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tv show, subtitling or film dubbing..I'm translator?

Do any of you know anything about film dubbing or subtitling? I will soon graduate as a translator (French to English) and am tired of my cubicle job, and I want to know if I can pursue anything like all that? Subtitling for the entertainment industry or dubbing shows or movies, how do I go about starting that? Who should I be contacting? I also know how to speak hindi and urdu (but haven't majored in those languages, but very fluent in them, so even bollywood movies or European movies or TV shows...any help please)

Thanks.Tv show, subtitling or film dubbing..I'm translator?
Watch movies with subtitles, or check on IMDB, to collect the names of the companies that do subtitles in the languages you know. Then use the internet to locate the companies, contact them, and let them know that you're interested.

You may also try contacting production companies (located in the same manner) to find out if they can help you contact subtitling companies.
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