Thursday, February 2, 2012

I need a french transalator?

I have a french composition to do and my teacher really bosses around everyone. She is nice but makes fun of them especially when you do something wrong in your composition however small it is. I have a animal composition where I have to say how I saw a animal in the forest and describe it and everything. I need a really good French to English Translator because I am not really that great in French and I don't want to fail or made fun at. I don't want to sound mean or anything... she is one of my favorite teachers. I just need a really good translator because the ones I've tried are really bad.

Please help!I need a french transalator? AWESOME Translation site!!! "emplacement impressionnant de traduction" it has EVERY translation you can think of!!

French: il a CHAQUE traduction que vous pouvez penser à

Italian: ha OGNI traduzione che potete pensare a!!

Russian: оно имеет КАЖДЫЙ перевод вы можете думать!!

even CHINEASE: 它有您能認為!的每個翻譯

and more!!I need a french transalator?
It would help if you provided us with what it is you want to have translated.

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