Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Translating Help for a friend: English-French!!!?

*Please Dont Use A Translator*

Najoua writes songs with amazing lyrics, she writes songs about love, relationships, and how they have affected her. [music] Najoua currently has three singles “Gabriel”, “Je ferme les yeux”, and “Comme toi”. She also has one CD in circulation, “Entre deux monds”. [music] For this one time offer, you can buy her CD “Entre deux monds” for only 6.00$ to celebrate Najoua's birthday (december 15) hurry in while quantities last.[music] Najoua has a unique style and she doesn't care what people think as long as there is one person still listening to her music. She loves her family and friends, but most of all, she loves her fans. Purchase your own copy today at any international music store.Translating Help for a friend: English-French!!!?
sorry I know a little bit of French but not that much to translate all of that.I know Najoua's birthday would be le anniversaire de Najoua. Good luck with it.

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