Sunday, February 5, 2012

Translate from french to english?

Can someone translate "ouai sava etre tro styl茅 en espagne a BARCELON tinkiet". I believe it is french slang because a translator online does not translate it and a dictionay doesn't help either. Thanks!Translate from french to english?
It should read:"Oui, 莽a va 锚tre trop styl茅 en Espagne 脿 Barcelone. Ne t'inqui猫te pas".

The message which you have received is in horrendous French and not just slang but also mispelt and has words missing (text speak probably).

Basically this person is telling you that things are going to be really good in Spain in Barcelona, and telling you not to worry.
i speak French...yeah its a kind of slang which young people use in france...


Yeah!!Dont worry,it will be so cool in Spain at Barcelona....

though i did not really use the english slang in the translation,it should be fine.

Rsaunders is wrong,every words are french, but they are not written properly.because it seems to be written in SMS or chat style..its why the online translator did not translate itTranslate from french to english?
It looks sort of French-ish, but there a number of words which don't sound at all French. I'm stuck.
Ahhh...yep, I think Rapstar's translation is right on.Translate from french to english?
yea, don't's good to be in styled?? in spain in barcelona

yea it is slang..although my translation may not be accurate enough
Yeah, it will be so cool in Spain at Barcelona Tinkie " Definetely a french slang . Have fun !!!!

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