Sunday, February 5, 2012

What the heck does this mean in English?!?

I randomly found this message in my facebook inbox a few days ago and having only taken Spanish as a foreign language for a few years, I have absolutely no clue what this person is trying to say! (Not that I'm planning on responding). The French to English translators online are terrible!! Please help me translate this if possible:

Bon jour je appelle Mourad youcef j'ai 35 an c茅libataire ..s茅rieux fid猫le mon probl猫me je parle pas bien en fran莽ais mais j ai un grande espoir pour parlez bien en fran莽ais j'ai 茅tudier dans un 茅cole priv茅 j'aime la langue fran莽ais mon pays galerie peu faire une amiti茅 s茅rieuse avec toit (00213770251554) 茅metteur Mourad....What the heck does this mean in English?!?
This is a phishing scheme. He wants to have a "serious relationship" with you, so he can scam you out of whatever you might have. This message is spam, and get rid of it immediately!What the heck does this mean in English?!?
"Hi, my name is Mourad Youcef and I'm 35 years old who's not married. I don't speak French well but I hope I can speak well.I'm studying in a private school and I like the French language. I can be a serious friend with you."

He sure got a lot of mistake in spelling in French. If I translate this with Google then It would be impossible with the mistake. I had to translate all of them myself. So now, you judge the message yourself. I don't recommend you being a friend with him unless you know him.What the heck does this mean in English?!?
spam *ignore!*
That is a spam attack

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