Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quick French Question?

How do I say "Charlie's Vacation" in French? (Please don't just type this in an English to French translator.)Quick French Question?
Les vacances de Charlie
Les vacances de CharlieQuick French Question?
La vacances de Charlie

it's LA because vacances has an E at the end. Don't include the S. The word VACANCES is a feminine word. I hate translators because they always get it wrong. My school showed me a website dictionnary. You can't use sentences, but you can look for words. If you go to google, it will give you wrong words because i wrote in " Hot air Balloons" and they said it is " Les Chaud L'AIRE Ballon" They just put the words. French words arent't in the same order as if it was in english. Hope this helps! And everyone sais that it is LES at the beggining. But it's not, because LES means the, but you can use it also!
Les vacances de Charlie =)Quick French Question?
holiday de charlie or vacances de charlie
The correct way is Les Vacances de Charlie. This is because, because charlie is plural le would be changed to les. charlie, being masculin, de would be inserted. Hope i helped!

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