Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is being a translator hard work?

I'm good in French and English and soso in Spanish.. Anyway I was wondering if it's hard to get into the language industry lol idk how to call it :P

Is learning to become a translator difficult? (schooling)

Is it hard to find jobs as a translator?Is being a translator hard work?
"very-confiding" wrote an early observer of the Huemul deer. which showed fear of humans.Now endangered; the deer have become wary in area's visisted by tourists. A small pod of Peale's dolophins led the way to the face of PIO-XI, 1 of manyt places where dynamic forces are shaping the future of Chilean-Patagonian.Is being a translator hard work?
yes becoming a translator is difficult, and yes it is hard to find a job as a translatorIs being a translator hard work?
YES. Unless you translate Drunk to English.
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