Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quebec French-English speakers only?

can you translate this for me(No online translators please)

People and animals have feared the killer whale since the beginning of time.The killer whale had caused fear among both land and ocean creatures. He would destroy peoples boats and chase little fish for fun. Since the killer whales all wanted their own territory they pushed the continents apart and each had their own territory. They had respected these powerful fearsome monsters since then.

can u try to get some passive past tense going o.o' thx %26gt;_%26lt;Quebec French-English speakers only?
Je pense que vous voulez qu'on fait vos devoirs pour vous?

Why don't you try to do the translation yourself the way you think it should be, then the bilingual Quebecers here can tell you if you are correct or what to correct.

I'm sure the idea the teacher had was for you to do the translation, so you would learn it and understand what your writing.

I don't mind trying to help someone who makes an effort, but I hate giving someone answers for their homework, because I know I may be hiring that person in a few years. I want to know I can hire you for a job because of your skills, not some guy you asked on Yahoo! to answer for you.

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