Thursday, February 9, 2012

Need a french translator website?

does anyone knoe off a god website to go from English to French.Need a french translator website?
google bablefish or alta vista translators.

should be a few languages on there

it translates anything you type on the box. hope this helps

answer mine?;鈥?/a>

thanks :)
freetraselation.comNeed a french translator website?
i usually use the google translate tool or babelfish.. but you can't totally rely on them, best to have a dictionary on hand too!
bablefish it's one of the best and run by yahoo!Need a french translator website?
try this website is just perfect for u鈥?/a>
this one is great
Electronic translators are RUBBISH !! Maybe to translate one word it's ok, if that, because they don't take into account the context. For long sentences it's worse: grammar and tenses aren't not always taken into account! Of course they can sometimes give you the gist of the idea, but not always! I've tried some times and the result is really funny (nonsense!!) . So forget it! it's better to learn the language!

Edit: I've just tried to use babelfish to translate into French what I have written above and here is the result (which is nonsense of course!):

"Les traducteurs 茅lectroniques sont des D脡CHETS ! ! Traduire peut-锚tre un mot it' ; ok de s, si cela, parce qu'ils don' ; t prennent en consid茅ration le contexte. Pour les longues phrases it' ; s plus mauvais : grammaire et temps aren' ; t pas toujours pris en consid茅ration ! Naturellement ils peuvent parfois te donner l'essentiel de l'id茅e, mais pas toujours ! I' ; le VE a essay茅 quelques fois et le r茅sultat est vraiment dr么le (non-sens ! !). Oubliez-ainsi le ! it' ; s mieux pour apprendre la langue !"

hahaha, very funny French!

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