Thursday, February 9, 2012

Please turn this paragraph of English into French?

Please can you translate this from English to French? Please don't use the translator on the internet as they aren't very accurate! Thank you life saver! :

For my work experience I went to a natural health clinic. I did some filing and typing, It was boring. I got to talk with a couple of people about their jobs which I found very interesting. Everyone was kind to me. I woke up at 08:30, and had to arrive at 10:00, normally I would wake up two hours earlier! It was great!Please turn this paragraph of English into French?
Ok, I'm gonna give this my best shot, being an A-Level french student:

Pour mon stage, je suis all茅 au centre m茅dical. J'ai class茅 et j'ai tap茅 quelques choses. C'etait assez ennuyeux. Je pouvais parler avec des personnes au sujet de leurs travails, que j'ai trouv茅 tres interessant. Toutes les personnes etaient gentiles. Je me suis lev茅 谩 huit heures et demie, j'ai du arriver a dix heures. Normalement, je me leve deux heures plus tot! C'etait fantastique!

Hope that helps. Accents are a bit wrong and spelling might be a big off.

xPlease turn this paragraph of English into French?
I am sure I have already answered this-I am fluent in French so trust me-You have already I have seen had many great answers from other French speakers-Surely that is enough!?

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