Thursday, February 9, 2012

French to English translation (no online translators)?

Can you translate these into English? Please don't forget to say your source.

"ok je vois une grognasse! lol je vais rester poli! al茅 done out ki macrelle!hein ferm out geule pess ti pitin ou f茅 chi茅 mn cul al茅 done le vot' ma pa l脿! si tout de moun i ve de ou bah al茅 mm done! [ tu vx une traduction?!! ok ] : VA DONNER TON CUL ESPECE DE SALE PUTE ALER DONNE JE SS PAS LAIR EC TOI SI TT LE MONDE VE DE TOI DONNE MEME! c bn t contente fal茅 pas me rod茅! et si tu vx de ugo bah sors ec lui f茅 tn trin mais jure pas les gens qd tu les conn茅 pas! ah c petit! je vois ta mentalit茅! sillicon茅 pense ec sn trou ouais j'ai cern茅 jte laiss ds tn d茅lire! et tu jure ma m猫re FILLE DE PUTE!"

And I also know it's very mean but please translate it, I want to know. Thanks.French to English translation (no online translators)?
i cannot give you a translating source since many of the word are slang but here is what it means, its not really nice and this person is from france due to the type of curses he/she uses

ok i see a (gronasse=ugly woman with no seduction power). lol im gonna stay polite. go give up Marcell (im not sure because it could mean more than one thing and its not spelled properly so i can't know) shut up you hoe (it's current in europe to say hoe putin he wrote pitin but he mistyped it, its like some hispanic say puta)

(f茅 chi茅 literally means you make me s*** but in slang it means) you really annoy me. My a**, come on give me the vote. man not there. if all the people (i think cause other wise it makes no sense, it" misspelled) want one, come on give it. [you want a translation? ok] go give your a** you dirty hoe go. its over. i do not follow the air with you (or i do not look like i am with you bad sentence) if everyone want you. it ok are you happy? you should have not punish (or repriment me) and if you want ugo, then go out with him . do your thing. but don't judge people when you don't know them. it's small, i see your mentality! you are silliconned and can't think (not able to think due to that). Yes I got you, im gonna leave you in your delirium. and you curse my mom, you daughter of prostitute.

my advise stay away from this person. and you have to reply to them just tell them to go back to school to learn how to write properly because im francophone and that was reallty sad.... hope that i helpedFrench to English translation (no online translators)?
Lol, the girl must be 14, what a mess! Is it creole?

Go give your you dirty wh.ore, come on, give! I don't know ?????? (it doesn't make sense) Are you happy now? you shouldn't have teased me! And if you want ugo, then date him ???? but don't insult/judge (I don't know) people you don't know! I see your mentality! Silicone girl, think with your hole, yeah I can see what you're in! And you insult my mother, you daughter of a!French to English translation (no online translators)?
That's not very nice, sorry:

ok I see a ho! lol, I'll stay polite! [there is a part in creole translated latter] Go give your a55 you dirty ho come on give it (this part is bad grammar and I could be mistaken) I can't stand your attitude, everybody want of you so give it! If you are not happy you just had to not piss me off! If you want Ugo you can go out with him but do not judge people you do not know! You're small! I see how you think! Siliconed only thinking with her whole yes I get you I leave you to your dellusions! And you swear you daughter of a ho.

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