Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How does work?

Hello, I'd like to offer my services as a French to English/English to French translator on, however, I don't really understand how the whole website works, especially the bidding system. Could anyone enlighten me on that matter? Thank you.How does work?
dont know =/How does work?
hi..i own a freelancer website called so i can help you out here :)

basically someone posts a job/project offer on the site like "i need a website" and puts the details...then professionals all over the world can put a quote in for the job (bid) ...they buyer (person who placed the job) looks at the portfolios and decides who they want to choose for the job!! they then get selected and you work together.

freelancer charges a stupid fee to allow you to win a project ($8.50) and also charges 10% of your bid, and charges a $5 project posting fee!! bidlance international we do not charge the acceptance fees, or project posting fees...just a flat rate of 10% !!

if you want more info on how it all works then check out this link...鈥?/a>How does work?
Never heard of the site till now, doesn't seem too busy. I'd instead recommend

Same concept, sign up, view translation or other jobs and post a bid.

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