Wednesday, February 15, 2012

English-French translation?

'The Romans used to fight there'

I know it's abstract, but thanks :) And please only answer if you know, not because you've looked it up on google translator because it's inaccurate and this is for an exam. Thank you! xxEnglish-French translation?
Les Romains se sont battus 脿 cet endroit.

Les Romains avaient l'habitude de se battre 脿 cet endroit.


It's not an exact translation, but it's probably better like this since it's abstract.English-French translation?
Les Romains se sont battus l脿-bas.

Not to be rude, but if you write the sentence "Jadis, les Romains se livr猫rent bataille" in a test, and you need Yahoo Answers to find the translation, your teahcer will probably think you didn't come uo with it by yourself... Event though, it is a better way to say it.English-French translation?
Jadis, les Romains y livr猫rent bataille. (Pass茅 simple tense)
Les Romains se battaient 脿 cet endroit.

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