Sunday, February 12, 2012

Help with english to french translation?

I want to say "Wish me luck" in french

tried a few online translators but some come up with different phrases such as

me souhaiter la chance

souhaitez-moi la chance

souhaitez moi bonne chance

So can someone who speaks fluent french help?Help with english to french translation?
Souhaite-moi bonne chance (informal and to one person only)

Souhaitez-moi bonne chance (formal and/or to more than 2 people)
"Souhaitez moi bonne chance" is the correct translation.

We may also say "Dis moi merde" (Tell me "sh1t"), to wish luck, as wishing luck may bring bad luck, but this should obviously only be used with close friends.Help with english to french translation?
Souhaite-moi/souhaitez-moi bonne chance.

All the other solution with "la chance" are understandable but not used except in :

"Il/elle a de la chance" (he/she is lucky).
"Souhaitez-moi de la bonne chance".

The French don't really just say "luck"; you have to qualify it as good or bad.Help with english to french translation?
well, it depends who you are saying it to;

saying it to a friend; me souhaite bonne chance

saying it to multiple friends; souhaitez-moi bonne chance!
souhaitez-moi la chance is correct(the second one is correct)
Me souhaiter la chance....... wish myself good luck

Souhaitez- moi la chance............ Wish me luck

Souhaitez moi bonne chance..........Wish me good luck.
It's "souhaitez-moi bonne chance" = your third option with a hyphen between souhaitez %26amp; moi.
Souhaitez-moi la chance - That is definitly the correct way :)
3rd one is correct.
3rd one. The 2nd one could work if you'd add ''DE'' before ''la chance'', but the 3rd one is still the best.
souhaitez moi bonne chance is right
2nd one is correct
The second one is correct. If you need help with translation in the future, use Yahoo!'s Babel Fish translator.
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