Sunday, February 12, 2012

French to English translation?

Here's the text:

La lutte est comme un cercle, elle peut se commencer a n'importe quel point, mais elle ne se termine jamais

Answer only if you speak french. (I can use a translator program too)French to English translation?
Context would help, but my best attempt would be

"The struggle is like a circle, it can begin at any point (it doesn't matter where/how it begins), but it never ends."

HTH.French to English translation?
A fight is like a circle, it can start at whatever point, but it never ends.French to English translation?
The fight is like a circle, it can start at any point/over anything (not translated word for word, but what it means), but it never ends.
Bart and Erica are right about the English translation, but the French version is grammatically wrong to begin with.

First of all, it's "elle peut commencer", not "se commencer" (commencer isn't reflexive).

Then, "lutte" usually means either a physical fight (like the wrestling at the Olympic Games), or a combat, like in a war. But in this case, the author surely meant "fight" as in a quarrel between friends, so in French it should have been "dispute" or "querelle".

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