Sunday, February 5, 2012

French---> English Translation?

Im tryin to find a definion of "to break" (casser) in French but i cant seem to find one, so I decided to get an English definition and translate it, but Im having trouble. Can someone please translate --"To seperate into pieces with suddenness" Ive used those online translators but they only tanslate each word and not the entire phrase. So if you can help me out ill appreaciate it a lot. =DFrench---%26gt; English Translation?
Reduire en morceaux avec brutalit茅.French---%26gt; English Translation?
Here you go: Pour s茅parer dans des morceaux avec la pr茅cipitation. I used it translates everything! Bie!French---%26gt; English Translation?
to separate into pieces with suddeness is..... detacher soudenement en morceau.

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