Thursday, February 2, 2012

French-english translation help?

can you please translate this french sentence:

ils font des promenades sur les remparts

because when i entered it on an online translator, i got "they do the walks on the walls"

that doesnt really make much sense to me, so can someone explain what it means?French-english translation help?
Your problem is two fold. 1) online translaters are not that good. 2) You may not understand what a rampart is in English or French.

A Rampart or Rempart in French is not the main part of the wall. The main wall of a fortification is set up. But then you still need a raised portion of area around the wall to prevent the enemy from taking a battering ram or some other type of seige engine directly to the wall. So you construct a rampart. It might be a sloping area of raised earth or a smaller wall. They are usually wide. They are wide and often sloped downwards from the wall to make it difficult for the enemy to bring their siege material to the wall.
You really need to read the phrase with the rest of the paragraph, but it basically means they go for walks around the ramparts / fortified grounds. As has already been said 'remparts' are normally found surrounding castles of fortified cities and were used for protection and defense purposes.French-english translation help?
They take walks on the curtain wall.

Curtain wall is used to describe the set of walls that surround and protect the interior (bailey) of a medieval castle. In French, a 'rampart'.
does this make sense?

"they go for walks on the ramparts"French-english translation help?
It mean " they did the impossibles with ease"

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