Sunday, February 5, 2012

Are there any free French-English tranlators for a desktop/toolbar?

I was wondering if there is any downloadable "widget"-like program that I can have easy access to when I am writing e-mails in French that stays on the toolbar or something like that.

And before I am slammed by the "Language Police," yes, I know that online translators do not give an accurate result all the time. I am not a simpleton. I know the grammatical rules of the French language. I would just like to have a program like this so I can translate an English word into the correct French word when I have otherwise forgotten it.Are there any free French-English tranlators for a desktop/toolbar?
The Mediadico has a toolbar

I'll try to put a link but links are not working in YA since yesterday. So just search for mediadico

or type in http COLON SLASH SLASH dictionare DOT mediadico DOT com SLASH traduction SLASH dictionnaire DOT asp SLASH anglais-francais SLASH 2007鈥?/a>

Also the Google toolbar has a WordTranslator feature that can be used, where you can set it that if you hover over an English word it shows the French word. (there are a lot of different languages you could set it to)

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