Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where can I find a pocket translator?

I'm going to France in a few weeks and I'm looking for one of those translators that would convert English to French. The kind that you type something in in English and it gives it to you in French (one that has audio would be perfect). What store would I find that in? Walmart and Books a Million doesn't have it. Is there any place I could find it in a store rather than ordering one online?Where can I find a pocket translator?
If you got about 2 to 3 hundred bucks on you get a ipod touch have a nerd friend jailbreak it for you. Find the world translating app the world translating app you can actually type in the sentence and it gives it to you actually its free so you would not need to jailbreak and jailbreaking is not illegal btw.... but the full version it pernounces it for you which you would need to jailbreak to get the full version. Trust it helps alotWhere can I find a pocket translator?鈥?/a>

For the Translator.

The plug adapters you can get from amazon for like 3 dollars :)

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