Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What jobs can you get if you know Korean?

Right now I am in university and I am majoring in both French and East Asian Studies (Korean Studies). I am already a very good French speaker, reader, and writer but have just begun studying Korean. I want to know what type of jobs one could get in Canada or America as a Korean to English or French Translator and vice versa?What jobs can you get if you know Korean?
Good question... J'茅tais aussi curieuse 脿 propos ceci! :)

English is my first language, and I've grown up learning French in school. I'm fluent in both languages. I'm also trying to learn Korean now. I'd love to be able to have a job that incorporates my love for the Korean language and my other language abilities.

From what I've researched... The job opportunities for people able to speak English, French and Korean are pretty obvious.

You could teach French or English in Korea, or possibly teach Koreans moving to the Canada or US English or French.

And the most obvious is a translator.

You could also work for a tour guide agency and be sort of a tour guide/translator for Koreans visiting the US or Canada who aren't able to speak English very well (or French, if they are visiting Qu茅bec in Canada).

You could also work for in your government's Foreign Affairs/Relations department. Since you'll be able to speak these three languages, they'll provide you with work involving them. And it's possible they'll send you to France, Qu茅bec or Korea. This is actually what I'm planning to do once I graduate high school and get a university degree. :)What jobs can you get if you know Korean?
You could get your teaching credentials and become a Korean language teacher. There isn't many of them (in my school district)--mostly Japanese.

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