Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Real French translation? No online translators..?

Okay I need these things translated. Dont use an online translator please.

- I have been working for about a year.

- The disadvantage of having a small job is having less time to study.

- For my work experience I went to a Beauty salon where I worked at reception and did some cleaning.

- At school I am currently studying Art, History, Technical, French, English and Maths.

- French is the hardest subject for me because it is hard and there is a lot to learn.

- Next year I will leave school and go to college.

- When I finish college I will look for a job as a beautician.

- Yes, my parents do support me in my studies.

- I have a dad, a mum and a younger sister. My sister is really annoying.

- We dont have any plans for the summer holidays yet.

Thanks (:Real French translation? No online translators..?
Looks like your homework.

How about if you actually tried doing it for yourself, first, and we help you polish it up?Real French translation? No online translators..?
Yes at least have a go and then when it is corrected you can learn from your mistakes rather then pointlessly getting somebody to do it for you.

I do a degree and I get native people on here to check my work so that it is word perfect. That way i have a go and learn from my mistakes and try to avoid them next time.Real French translation? No online translators..?
A good dictionary:鈥?/a>

1. J'ai travaill茅 pendant environ un an.

2. L'inconv茅nient d'avoir un petit job...

3. No difficulty

4. Same

5. Hardest = le plus difficile. It is hard = Il est difficile, A lot = beaucoup

6. Next year = l'ann茅e prochaine, I will leave school = je finirai l'茅cole

7. I will look for a job as a beautician = je travaillerai comme cosm茅ticien (cosm茅ticienne)

10. Yet = encore
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