Sunday, February 5, 2012

Online translators.. PLEASE ANSWER HELPPPPP!!?

I got a french project due tomorrow and I am crying right now because I dont know anything french.. I got all my info in english about stupid Italy and I need it in French. So I was wondering if I used a translator (english to french) and typed in like Get up early and stay up late, because there is LOTS to see in Italy! and then I got the output of that, and then I typed the outcome (french) into the english to french translator, and it came out what I typed in the french to english, does that mean that the translator is right and that it makes sense in French?

None of my family knows french, i dont, my friends dont, and I cant use a dictionary because it still wont help me with sentences..

I have used translation programs. They make something that looks like the target language but are never quite perfect enough.

I did a proposal that included providing a radio and TV tower. Most of it came out usable but it lacked good-enough technical vocabulary to deal with phrases about that tower. I ended up having to proofread it very carefully for its word choices and had to call a friend who was fluent (but not technically-savy) to painfully work through the bad parts.

I have also recently tried one for Portuguese. Going back to English it was laughable since it had thrown in idioms that did not survive the round trip. Example was "if you are not sure what we are telling you to do." became "if you is not safe that we are telling him/her that he/she does."

or translators.. PLEASE ANSWER HELPPPPP!!?
Yes If it comes back correctly in English then it makes since in French. If comes back messed up, then it doesn't make sense in French. HTH!

IT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Online translators.. PLEASE ANSWER HELPPPPP!!?
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