Sunday, February 5, 2012

Help with a French to English Translation 2?

Online it's easy enough for me to communicate with my French friend. Copy, paste, use online translator.

When it comes to French written on paper... um... yeah... not so easy. So, if you can help me out here and give me a translation, I'd appreciate it very much.鈥?/a>Help with a French to English Translation 2?
Translation number 1 : A few words from Montpellier where i spend my second week of vacation at my aunt麓s house with two friends. What you see on the picture is the cave of " demoiselles" ( maiden), the most famous in the area, we went to visit. It was only 11掳C inside and that was very nice compared with the heat outside.

Translation 2

Ps: I麓m sorry to send both post cards at the same time but I couldn麓t find an open post office in Le Brusc and I didn麓t have stamps at the overseas mail rate.

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