Thursday, February 9, 2012

French Translator?

Does anyone know a translation site that will translate english to french correctly, like it wont just translate it word by word, it will actually make scence in french?

Thanks so mucchhhh !French Translator?
dont worry ill help you.

go to

look on the upper right corner where a language can be translated.. u shud see a large box where u put ut letter that u can be translate into any of them selection.
No, i don't think there is a site like that. Best off just using a French dictionary and notes from class. Learn French better that way.French Translator?
this one is amazing, i did my whole paragraph about my trip to mexico on this and my teacher gave me an A!
there is no free translator/computer translator that will translate english to french properly. Some are better then others, but they cant tell different meanings of words, and in what order the sentence should go in. Also translators translate literally... your teacher will know if you use one, all teachers can tell, it will either be way better or way worse then what you normally would do. Also online translators are cheating and can be considered plagarism, which results in a zero, and often loss of exemption if you can get them.French Translator?

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