Sunday, February 12, 2012

French to english translation?

The phrase I need translated is:

On peut dire que les sports collectifs int茅ressants les Fran莽ais moins que les am茅ricains ou les russes, par exemple.

Preferably better if you speak French because the direct translators online fail to make proper sense.

Thank you.French to english translation?
We can say that french people are less interested in team sports than russian or american people do for example.
we can say that the sports collective interests the french less then the Americans or the Russians , for exampleFrench to english translation?
You could say that team sports interest the French less than the Americans or Russians, for example.
One can say that the interesting collective sports the French less than American or Russian, for example.French to english translation?
We can say that sports, as a whole, interest the French less than they do Americans or Russians.
One can say, that sports (involving teams) interest french people less than they do in the us or in russia, for exemple.

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