Sunday, February 5, 2012

French homework help please?

is there a good french to english/ english to french translator on line. Not Google cos its not good enough. ThanksFrench homework help please?
This site helps with

single words but does not translate phrases.

Here's another site that translates phrases:…
there isn't really a brillant translator unless you pay for them.

but i have used


this help with the general things you want to say. when using the translator it is always useful to translate into the required language, then translate back, to check that it is correct and makes sense.French homework help please?
None are very good really. I use to get a general idea of what a website is about for example, but it's not accurate, none of these free services are.
babelfish is goodFrench homework help please?
I rather buy a french-english dictionary. They separate gender. The online ones don't separate words from gender, verb, adjective, adverb congugation.
dont use them

translates into wrong thing

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