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English - French translation. On smoking, please help!?

Ok, so I have to do an essay in french and im stuck at translating my thoughts on smoking. This is what I have thought of so far:

I don't understand why people still continue to smoke when they know the dangers it causes. It not only harms the smoker but it harms the people around them also.

If you have any other suggestions as to what I could put it would be great.

Oh and if you know french it would great, I don't want it translated using an online translator.

Thanks :)English - French translation. On smoking, please help!?

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi certaines personnes continuent 脿 fumer m锚me s'ils sont conscients du danger que cela cause. 脟a endommage non seulement celui qui fume, mais aussi ceux qui sont autour de lui ou elle.

Other suggestions:

Here's what I would put if I were doing that project (in English):

Many deaths are related to smoking, such as heart attacks, lung cancer, and tongue and larynx cancer.

Maybe add an opinion or explain what second hand smoking is!

Here's the translation for the extra part:

Beaucoup de d茅c猫s sont caus茅s par l'acte de fumer, tels que les crises cardiaques et le cancer du poumon, de la langue et du larynx.
Here's the translation:

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi les gens continue de fumer quand il savent combien c'est dangereus.Ca cause des problemes pour le fumeur mais aussi pour les personne qui l'entoure .English - French translation. On smoking, please help!?
This is the translation:

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi les gens continuent fumer quand ils savent qu'il est dangereux. Il nuit pas seulement le fumeur, mais aussi les gens qui sont pr猫s de lui.
Check for more choices as wellEnglish - French translation. On smoking, please help!?
if u're doing a level french and this is a discursive essay then u need to keep these things in mind

1 paragraph for.

1 against

1 conclusion

and 1 for the intro.

the for paragraph could include reasons as to why people smoke in the first place, I can't put the accents but I hope you understand what I'm going to say.

Je me sens qu'il y a beacoup de gens choissisent a fumer parce qu'ils ont beacoup de stress dans son vie. Cependant, a mon avis ils peuvent combattre le stress en d'autre facon.. bla bla bla

did u understand any of that? lol

good luck!

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