Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where can I look for an international job that fits my qualifications?

I'm a certified translator in french-english, I'm fluent in 4 languages (english, french, spanish, italian) and I have years of experience in bookkeeping and business management. I have helped business owners create their companies from scratch. Last year, I started my own company which offers business support services, mainly writing, editing, proofreading, translations, transcriptions, and research, but I'm not getting enough work and I'm considering going back to a full time job. For the past 4 months, the only positions I've been offered are in office administration (receptionist duties!!) - funds are getting real low and I need work a.s.a.p. Should I take a job at half the salary that I should be earning (and probably be bored out of my mind) - or do I wait and hope to find a job where I can use all my skills and be paid what I deserve? There must be international companies that could use my skills without requiring me to move.Where can I look for an international job that fits my qualifications?
Try the United Nations, businesses that have branches worldwide, Tour Agent in Europe, teach/tutor, international banks, and proofreader jobs for books or publications.

If you want to expand your own business then post on elance, guru, sologig,, etc...

I know from time to time I need a translator that can speak spanish.

I wouldn't do the receptionist position, but if you really need something for a little while then try a call center. It usually pays better especially if you are bilingual.
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