Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Translating from French to English?

I came across this little paragraph in French: "Comment ca je reviens avec une video sur TOA? elle n'a que quelque jour, mais elle d茅j脿 un mythe... Mais, mieux vaut avoir pu ''profiter'' du film de south park p-e...."

When I put it into a online translator, it doesn't make any sense (then again, online translators never do a good job). What does this translate to?Translating from French to English?
Hard to translate without the context in which the exchange happened.

Somebody is talking about a video from TOA, maybe guild wars Temple of Ancients. A video that is only a few days old be already achieved cult-like status. Something about how watching the south-park movie might have been better that spending time watching the aforementioned video...Translating from French to English?
I don't understand all neither, it's bad french.

Like that, I come back with a video on TOA?

She's only few days old, but she's already a myth...

But hopefully we could have ... the film of south park...

I don't know how to say profiter in english. to enjoy?
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