Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I need an advice about a translator degree?

I want to obtain a translator degree or arts and English literature.I work,so the best option for me is to get a online degree,but i have a problem so far finding the right university and for example the right one where i can get a degree in french or english literature or a foreign language.And my native language is bulgarian,do you guys think that is better to study english literature only?I need an advice about a translator degree?
Not an easy question you've got here, since it kinda depend on where you're from. Myself, I just finished my B.A. in Translation here in Canada, where I was taught all the tricks of the trade (I wish!). It was a three-year, full time program (in other provinces than mine, it's a four-year program... but that's another story, lol). Canada is an officially bilingual country, English and French, so these are the main languages we study to become professional translators.

Here is a basic rule: you usually translate from a foreign language (that you understand perfectly well) to your own mother tongue (L1). The end product on your side is always in your L1, because only then can you really write like a native speaker (eg. myself, a native French speaker, I translate from English to French).

So here's what I suggest:

1. Are your language skills in Bulgarian excellent? No grammar or spelling mistakes or almost none? You have a rich vocabulary? Yes? Ok, next step --

2. How good are you in the foreign language(s) of your choice? Pretty good? Excellent? You understand all the subtleties of the language? The humour? The double meanings? A degree in French or English literature could help you get a better, more in depth understanding of the language and the culture. And then, last step --

3. Now that you've got at least two languages to work with, get started with your translation degree! You will learn techniques, common mistakes and how to avoid them, how to use the tools of the trade, terminology, etc. Pretty useful stuff, trust me.

Now, as for finding the right university... again, being Canadian, I can't really help you if you're looking for a Bulgarian university.

All in all, the best of luck, I hope you'll find what best suits you. I love my job and hope you'll be able to work in this great field.I need an advice about a translator degree?
I can see why this has gone unanswered, it's a difficult question. Personally it's what you think you can handle. I myself would study one languages' literature first then anothers later.
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