Thursday, February 9, 2012

Help with an english to french translation?

I want these sayings as a tattoo, so i want to make sure they are accurate from someone who actually knows how to speak french well.

How would you say "my city, my heart" online translator gave me "ma ville, mon coeur" is that correct?

Also, how could you translate the saying "home sweet home" in french?

Thank you!Help with an english to french translation?
Ma ville, mon coeur is correct,

I am sorry but you can really translate literally Home Sweet Home, many French will understand this expression actually if you translate it people probably will make fun of it

You could say "On est toujours mieux chez soi" or "Qu'on est bien chez soi" but unless you tattoo your leg it probably won't fit. If you really want that I would stick with Home Sweet HomeHelp with an english to french translation?
The first 1 is correct. The second u can't translate. French people already understand ''home sweet home''.
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