Monday, January 23, 2012

Good Colleges in Quebec for a French Major?

Hello, I'm currently in high school and my ultimate dream job would be to become a French-English Translator working in either Quebec or France. I want to eventually learn more languages such as German or Italian and move to Europe to become a translator. What I'm wondering if there's any good public colleges in Quebec that can help me achieve this goal. I want to go to school in Quebec because I feel it will help to be immersed in French if I'm going to pursue a career in it.Good Colleges in Quebec for a French Major?
The French University of CanadaGood Colleges in Quebec for a French Major?
You might want to start on the Canadian Universities main web site. I've included a link to their 'Canadian French Studies and Language University Programs' web page.

In general, I would recommend a university in Ottawa or Gatineau (Ottawa is on one side of the river in Ontario and Gatineau is on the other side of the river in Quebec). You will be in contact with a very international crowd, there is a big demand for translation services and all of the embassies of the French speaking countries are there. The embassies are handy if you are planning on going to France (or other French speaking country) because it makes it much easier to handle the paperwork for visas, etc.

If you want to try to earn some pocket money as a translator, you might try signing up at a service like FreeTranslation (link below). They get work sent to them over the Internet and farm it out to their translators over the Internet. It lets you earn some money as a translator while you are mobile (like at university, etc) Caution! I do not know these people and I have not used their services. Check them out carefully before you sign up for anything like this!

Finally, if you do decide to move to Quebec then you will need to learn Quebec French. A Google search for 'quebec slang' or 'quebecois slang' should turn up some useful links for you.You might want to check out 'Namke Learn Quebec French'. It has 1000 essential Quebec French words (with audio so that you can hear them) with their translations into English and international French and useful information about immigrating to Quebec in the sidebar on the right side of the blog under 'Quebec Immigration'.

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