Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is the English language closer to French or German?

In vocabulary.

Looks like many words in English didnt come from germanic languages.

I took this from google translator:

English - german is completely different

German - Deutsch ist ganz anders (very different)Is the English language closer to French or German?
Anglo-Saxon (Old English) was a Germanic language, so the basic form (grammar) is closer to German.

But because of the influence of French through the Norman Conquest, there is a lot of vocabulary taht came taht way.

(PS nothing to do with the Romans - they left when the Angles and Saxons started arriving.)
Well, German has also borrowed a lot of words of Latin, French and Greek origin, just as English. Nevertheless, English is a Germanic language and there are many similar words, but of course also different ones. Here is a list with similar words used in English and German language:鈥?/a>

By the way, you can translate "completely" to "komplett" in German. So you could say in the sentence you mentioned above: "Deutsch ist komplett anders." (though "ganz anders" is also correct.)Is the English language closer to French or German?
Good question.English is said to be one of the Germanic languages however it is quite different than the others.English shares a lot of words with French which came from the Latin which the other Germanic L. do not have.Ex. -necesity-Dutch-noodzakelijkheid.It is very much like this with many words in German too.In English the word order is different.Another thing in English we use the -to do-form which I don't think any other European L. has.Ex. Do you love me? I don't know.However both German and French have a much more complex grammar.

Half and half. Its technically classed as a Germanic language but because of 400 years of Roman occupation then the Norman conquest of 1066 AD, it has a heavy Latin influence as well.


Michael KellyIs the English language closer to French or German?
Actually, the vocab of both is pretty darn different.

But French grammar is more similar to English grammar.

I speak all three languages. I think that French is a lot easier to learn than German.
The answer is German. You don't notice it in sentences, but in many words.
german is way closer... the english language actually is a derivative of the german language!
Right, the linguists call English a Germanic language with a lot

of latin and French borrowed vocabulary.
no idea...

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