Monday, January 30, 2012

French Canadian online translator?

I have a friend from Canada whose primary language is french (canadian) which is slightly different From French (France) dialect...Does anyone know of an English to French translator online that uses the Canadian Dialect???French Canadian online translator?
You'll find no such thing as a Canadian French online translator unfortunately. Standard (written) Canadian French is just like European French with a few exceptions in vocabulary and is not a dialect in itself.

The slang words/forms we use do not constitute another language in itself and therefore will not be found in a common dictionary and if so, then a regular French online translator will be able to translate them.

You can, however, find Canadian French (or Quebec French) ''dictionaries'' either online or in bookstores.French Canadian online translator?
No but if there's not much to translate I can do it :DFrench Canadian online translator?
you can always use google or but like the person before me said, we can help you if its not long :D
If you so wish... but translator programs are far from being reliable (not yet). Useless "utilities". They just make it difficult, even for a native speaker, to make any sense of it. Unfortunately for them, senders of automated "translated" text don't look serious....

Canadian French IS French. None of these are "dialects". Of course there are some differences, that's the beauty of any language, and even in France, you find regional variations.

In this forum, some members are definitely French speakers and do not use online translators. To quote a few, I am sure you can trust America, Curious-lalala, Dori, Erik van Thienen, and even Antipode.

I am sure we will be happy to help.

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